Tree of Life Stone Pendant

$25.00 USD

Want to feel inspired?  Wearing this intriguing gemstone Tree of Life pendant will do just that!  With several colors to choose from, pick the one that draws you in the most!

The mystical Tree of Life symbolism has a long history across many cultures.  The common meaning that spans across many, is a symbol of connection to all things - Mother Earth, sky, sun.  The tree of life means we are all deeply connected to the world around us.

Chain Length:  31"
Pendant Size:  Approx. 1.6" X 1.2"
Material:  Semi precious gemstone (Agate, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Howlite), copper chain
(nickel and lead free)

Amethyst Properties
A meditative and calming stone used for emotional healing, spiritual guidance and to heighten intuition.

Agate Properties
Agates are grounding and calming stones that enhance mental function as they improve concentration and perception.  This crystal stabilizes the aura, overcomes negativity and bitterness fostering love and spiritual growth, helping also with self-confidence issues.  Agate raises consciousness and links into awareness of the oneness of life.  

Turquoise Howlite Properties
Considered an attunement stone which helps to link the wearer to higher consciousness.  By opening the mind, it is also known to help reduce anxiety and stress while facilitating awareness and emotional expression.

Lapis Lazuli
This intense blue stone helps with opening the third eye chakra and stimulating the pineal gland.  Wearing this stone is said to relieve anger and negative thoughts.  Also good for intensifying the growth of intuition.

Green Aventurine
A heart chakra stone that increases optimism and self confidence.  This stone is also used to enhance creativity, mental clarity and prosperity, bringing about more success in all areas of your life.


*Please note:  appearance may vary slightly from piece to piece