Tibetan Singing Bowl

$25.00 USD

Awaken your mind on a deep harmonious level with our unique singing bowls!

For centuries Tibetan singing bowls have been used in meditation and healing.  Known to heal pain and help with stress and depression. The sound emitted from the singing bowl helps to restore vibratory frequencies of the body and mind by allowing the brain to switch to Theta brain waves.  These types of brain wave frequencies help to induce a deep relaxation and alleviate stress.  They also help prepare your mind for deep meditation, creative and intuitive work.

Bring your mind and body back into a state of harmony!

While every singing bowl will produce several frequencies, generally speaking the larger the bowl the deeper the sound. 

Hand made in Nepal, comes with the rod and bowl.
Material:  Copper bowl, wooden rod
Sizes vary from a diameter of 8cm to 17.5

(Please note:  Because these are hand made, sizes are approximate and might very slightly from piece to piece as will appearance).