Gemstone Pendant

$27.00 USD

Add some luck and inspiration to your life with one of these beauties!  

Amazonite Properties
A good luck stone known to promote positive energy and help with manifesting prosperity.  

Agate Properties
Agates are grounding and calming stones that enhance mental function as they improve concentration and perception.  This crystal stabilizes the aura, overcomes negativity and bitterness fostering love and spiritual growth, helping also with self-confidence issues.  Agate raises consciousness and links into awareness of the oneness of life.  

Amethyst Properties
A meditative and calming stone used for emotional healing, spiritual guidance and to heighten intuition.

Material:  Amazonite gemstones, mixed gemstones.  
Rain drop pendant - multi-colored agate
Heart pendant - amethyst.

Size:  approx. 22" around (56cm), gemstones 6mm


Note:  Appearance may differ slightly from piece to piece due to natural stones characteristics.