☆A portion of all proceeds go to animal or environmental causes☆
Do you crave a sacred space full of peacefulness and calm?  Create that space and find your bliss! 

Here you will find unique spiritual items for your home, tranquil pieces for your meditation altar, as well as inspiring wall art ready to hang!

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Meditation Buddha
$75.00 USD
Serene Buddha
From $59.00 USD - $216.00 USD
Meditation Pillow Case Cover
$19.00 USD
Sandalwood Oriental Incense
$10.00 USD
Buddha Oil Burner
$29.00 USD
Tibetan Singing Bowl - Gold
From $27.00 USD - $99.00 USD
Aromatherapy Diffuser
$32.00 USD
Tranquil Buddha
$73.00 USD
Meditation 7 Chakra
$27.00 USD
7 Chakra Rainbow
From $24.00 USD - $29.00 USD
Meditation Buddha Statue
$23.00 USD