Elephants In Color

$29.00 USD

The relationship between mother and baby elephant reveals a profoundly deep bond!  There is no greater love in an elephant herd than that maternal bond between mother and calf which is second to none in the animal kingdom!  While the male calves stay with their mother until maturity, female calves often remain with their mothers until her death.

The framed option is the canvas stretched on a wood frame, ready to hang.  The unframed option is the canvas alone and arrives rolled up.  Some people prefer to buy their art unframed so that they can frame it themselves to suit their style. 

Beautiful - Elephants In Color, comes in 3 sizes:
Size 1:  14 X 20" (35 X 50cm)
Size 2:  18 X 24" (45 X 60cm)
Size 3:  24 X 32" (60 X 80cm)

Please Note:  This is a print on canvas.  Product may differ slightly from image due to the textured nature of canvas.